12 Challenges of Digital Marketing in 2023

Challenges of Digital Marketing

A lot has changed since 2022, and online marketing is no exception. Streaming, grocery shopping, and other purchases have boosted online consumption during the COVID-19 pandemic. To respond to this, companies of all sizes have adjusted their strategy, propelling digital marketing as an essential tool for communicating with their new and existing customers.

According to the report of 2023 State of Online Advertising confirms it: 7 out of 10 marketers say marketing has taken a prominent place in their business.

There are several reasons for this progression. However, more than 50% of respondents attribute it to a rise in online marketing and a greater need for successful marketing campaigns to boost sales.

Budgets took off in 2023 and gave professionals more leeway to create impactful campaigns. But there are numerous challenges of digital marketing ahead to get the most bangs of marketing budgets. What are the major challenges in digital marketing in 2023? What are the possible causes? And how could you solve these for your business? Read on to find that out!


Successful digital marketing starts with understanding your market. You must determine what the market wants, where to place your ads, and how you can reach your audience. It will help you to develop a strategy for your business with a good knowledge of the target market. 

Possible causes

  • Publish content without SEO keyword research may be the first reason.
  • You are not reserving sufficient methods to boost your content.

How to solve this digital marketing challenge?

First, know your targeted customer. Make a mind map about your target customer and then produce unique content that draws good traffic. 

You have to dedicate as much time to the following steps:

  • SEO keyword research and content planning for publication.
  • Content creation with SEO optimization.
  • The advertising of your unique content (backlinks, social networks, etc.).
  • Mandatory analysis of the results to correct and modify.


According to a study by HubSpot MarketingCloud, over 73 percent of marketers say that converting more visitors into prospects is one of their top goals. And that’s not surprising—if you can convert one person into a prospect, your business will benefit greatly.

Possible causes

  • You are not tempting the right audience to your business website.
  • Never communicate with a customer to make them a lead.
  • You do not have a CTA (call-to-action), or these are not located in the right places.

How to solve this marketing challenge?

The qualification of the visitor is essential, as we have seen above.

How do we promote the switch between the visitor’s state and the prospect? By establishing a relationship with them.

Many sales techniques are at your disposal to solve this digital marketing challenge:

  • The “lead magnets” collect their emails and other information.
  • By creating content adapted to each stage of the sales cycle.
  • By placing effective CTAs at each stage (see our article: How to create a call to action that converts )


If you want to increase your business’s bottom line, turning more leads into customers should be at the top of your challenges of digital marketing list. According to a study by Forrester Research, 69% of businesses are losing money because they don’t have the right kind of customers.

Possible causes of this marketing challenge

  • Your value proposition is unclear or unconvincing.
  • You are not fulfilling the desire of your visitors.
  • You are targeting deals with the wrong customers.
  • Your mapping of the business process is not up to the mark.

How to solve this challenge?

Explore your product or service.

  • How can your product/service be utilized?
  • How does your product/service contain value to the customer?
  • What problems or challenges does it solve for your target?

Learn more about your target audience: It will be more effective if you research more and more about your target customer and then apply your method (value proposition, CTA, etc.) to attract them.

Grow the efficacy of your sales funnel: Most of your visitors aren’t prepared to buy instantly. It depends on your hard work, how constantly visitors buy a product or service from you. You have to research the market carefully and update your strategy continuously.


Estimating a marketing budget can help you estimate your spending before investing in digital marketing tools and strategies. This will help you track your progress and spend your money wisely.

Possible causes

  • You have no idea what budget is needed for one or another digital marketing action.
  • You don’t know your buyer’s purchase outlay.
  • You can not prove your digital marketing actions’ return on investment (ROI).

How to solve this challenge?

Analyze your competitors: Your competitors can serve as a basis for reflection.

Take, for example, a competitor who is 100 backlinks ahead of you and acquires three links per month (velocity).

Let’s imagine that the average price of a quality backlink is $50; to strengthen your organic visibility in 12 months, you will have to devote a monthly budget of $1800.

Calculate your CAC (customer acquisition cost): The CAC is needed to identify the most effective actions and channels.

This calculation will allow you to estimate the budget needed for a lead/customer generation campaign. In the same way, the CAC makes it possible to plan the budget necessary to invest to reach your turnover objective.

Prove the ROI of your actions

See point 6 below.


Sales are integral to digital marketing, which is how businesses connect with their target audience and sell their products and services.

Possible causes

  • Your sales process can’t interact with your customer’s buying path.
  • Marketing automation is not your first choice.

How to solve this challenge?

  • Increase your action toward the potential customer. All of your visitors are not ready to be a buyer. You have to double your efforts to make visitors become a buyer and dramatically shorten your sales cycle. Utilize automation for some of your contacts and enlighten possibilities.
  • Utilize automation for some of your contacts and enlighten possibilities. This lets you create beliefs and drive them via the sales funnel.


ROI is a mathematical procedure that investors can use to estimate their investments and consider how well a specific investment has been accomplished compared to others. 

Possible causes

  • You don’t know your CAC well.
  • You have not calculated your LTV.

How to solve this challenge?

Calculate your CAC (customer acquisition cost)

The CAC is needed to identify the most effective actions and channels. This calculation will allow you to estimate the budget needed for a lead/customer generation campaign.

In the same way, the CAC makes it possible to plan the budget necessary to invest for reaching your turnover objective.

Calculate your LTV (customer lifetime value)

To assess the profitability of a campaign, you must compare your CAC to your LTV.

This will let you know your campaign’s return on investment (ROI) and direct your efforts toward the most profitable channels.


Churn is a way of measuring how many users cancel their subscriptions or decide not to renew it. Any number above 100% can indicate dissatisfaction with the product, and a high churn rate means less customers coming back for more.

Possible causes

  • You are not focusing on your customers’ demands.

How to solve this challenge?

With the quotient, you can tell your supply and demand ratios in your customer base. If you see that the number is shrinking on top of an enterprise, it signals potential turmoil. Not meeting customers’ expectations can mean you’re not selling to the “right people,” or the quality you expect isn’t there.

  • Find out what 2022’s marketing trends will be like.
  • Segmenting your customers is an important marketing model that can make digital marketing more accessible.
  • To become a successful businessman, practice active listening.


The term MRR is an acronym for Monthly Recurring Revenue, which is a measure of your predictable revenue stream. A primary purpose of MRR is to know how your revenue is split across different subscription terms.

Possible causes

  • You are not targeting the “right customers.”
  • You don’t have a constant gush of fresh buyers.
  • Your consumers do not realize the importance of your effects.

How to solve this challenge?

For the subscription-based business, monthly recurring revenue(MRR) is a vital touchstone.

Without going into the calculation details, when we want to increase the MRR, we intuitively think of increasing the number of sales and customers. However, you can act on other axes:

  • reduce the churn rate.
  • create up-selling or cross-selling actions.
  • gain a better understanding of your target customers.
  • Enhance the insight into the importance of your products or services.


Customer acquisition cost is the total amount it takes to get a new lead, customer, or subscribing customer. The lower the cost, the better.

Possible causes

  • You have a number of highly competitive competitors.
  • Your marketing strategy does not work at all.

How to solve this challenge?

You have to recheck your all business data to understand:

  • where your best prospects come from.
  • which sales funnel converts them the best.
  • which source brings you the best ROI.


Lifetime value is a metric for measuring revenue gained by people through your product or service. This will let you know your campaign’s return on investment (ROI) and direct your efforts toward the most profitable channels.

Possible causes

  • Your product or service cannot deliver the customer value they desire.

How to solve this challenge?

  • Adjust your important proposal to the target audience.
  • Sweeten your customer service.
  • Reduce your attrition rate.


Reviewing what your customers say correctly helps your company improve by getting feedback on what they want. You can understand your customers’ overall satisfaction with a feedback and review system.

Possible causes

  • You are not bold sufficiently to ask for views and suggestions.
  • Your clients are not pleased with your assistance.

How to solve this challenge?

The net promoter score (NPS) effectively indicates customer happiness. It tells you if your customers would recommend your business to others. In addition, the NPS allows you to assess their attitude: are they still interested in your offer? The trick is automatically offering all satisfied customers to leave a review or provide a recommendation.

The NPS has drawbacks; you should interpret the results cautiously like any indicator.


Gigabit understands the ever-evolving digital marketing industry. We also understand that new challenges of digital marketing are constantly arising. GTS has a team of uniquely skilled and knowledgeable digital marketers to face these evolving digital marketing challenges, which develop an advanced client-centric perspective.

Possible causes

How to solve this challenge?

Here you have read about the main challenges of digital marketing weighing on your mind, and how you can optimize your digital marketing. If you are interested in exploring certain topics further, visit our contact page and let us know which issues interest you most.

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