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When you think about your brand identity, it’s not just about positioning yourself in a market, but about differentiating yourself from competitors. As a communication consulting agency , our mission is to express what you are, what is different about you and to transcribe it into your identity, your corporate speech and your various communication media. The goal? Make your brand shine, your personality or even strengthen your identity and your notoriety with your prospects.

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A real unavoidable issue, your brand identity is a crucial point in your business strategy and your marketing strategy: on the one hand, it is a means of uniting your employees around a business project full of meaning and a clearly defined purpose but it is also a way to make people want to choose you rather than a competitor. A strong identity and a consistent and memorable image can be a formidable way to stand out and be preferred to your competitors!

Building and creating a new identity often involves a new logo but also (and above all) a substantive exercise that aims to reflect on the differentiating elements that will allow you to be identifiable, recognizable and to have an image that is consistent and in phase with who you are and what characterizes you.

Whether you are an SME or multinational company, a community or an association, building a brand is not done in a day… It is often a long-term job that goes from the graphic charter, to the layout of documents , the slogan, the choice of fonts or the color palette of the brand, up to the signage around the company… This brand identity must therefore be transcribed by graphic consistency on all of your media and tools . Communication.

Brand DNA

Who am I ? What’s different about me? How to talk about it? Carried out in your company, this exchange and sharing workshop defines the fundamentals of your brand strategy and the positioning of your company to build your brand image. This methodology, proven for many years at Vingt Mille Lieues, highlights your values, your personality, your culture, your behavior, your corporate philosophy… In short, everything that makes it unique and incomparable.

Creation and Redesign of The Visual Identity and Graphic Charter

Differentiating oneself from one’s competitors with one’s target audience does not only concern brand discourse but also reflection around a visual identity : such as the logotype and brand signature, for example. Visual identity is the first thing that people see of you, it is the central point of your brand image, it can express what you do, how and why you do it. Then, we decline the identity chosen in the Graphic Charter (creation of logos, or definition of the typography…) which defines the conditions and rules of use of the logotype over time.

Graphic Line and Creation of The First Communication Tools

Beyond a logo, we go so far as to think about how to decline it and use it on the company’s first communication media (variations such as business cards, web design, email signatures, brochures and the packaging of your products…) to boost your communication strategy. This allows you to maintain visual consistency across all of your media, whether web or print.

From your website and your digital strategy, to print communication and graphics, through events or public relations, our advertising agency can offer you communication strategies that are as creative as they are effective. Need visibility? Our marketing agency will also support you in setting up your communication plan.

Brand Territory

Translating into words and images all the communication and positioning of the company, here is the objective of this Brand Territory, often called “brand platform”. True continuity of the brand’s DNA, this deliverable allows our communication agency to lay out the entire brand discourse and mark your identity in a concrete way. It is a document that will serve as the basis for the creation of all the company’s communication tools, a guideline to follow in the medium/long term to build your brand universe.

Searching For Names and Branding

Any business leader, entrepreneur, creator or buyer, has already asked the question of the brand name of his company and his company. Whether it’s for a company, a commercial brand or a product, finding an original name that is relevant, that corresponds to who you are, that highlights your raison d’être and your positioning , is often a much more complicated issue than it seems. The name will convey your brand image, so it is important to take the time to think about it so that it fully reflects your identity.

Working Process

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Analysis of the characteristics of your company (organization, products, services, values, positioning, customers, market, etc.)


Search for a concept allowing you to differentiate yourself with an original branding.


Creation of a logo and its graphic charter including the various communication media of your company (advertising, packaging, signage, POS, etc.)


Creation of print, digital or video advertising campaigns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: These aspects help consumers recognize and differentiate the brand in their minds. A consistent brand identity, which in turn leads to consistent sales, can be achieved through consistent marketing and messaging.

Branding refers to the activities you carry out in order to construct a particular image for your company.
Brand identity is the accumulation of various physical aspects of a brand that, when combined, produce a unified brand image.

It is important for the logo of a brand to be easily recognizable, as well as simple, original, pertinent, and memorable. Most importantly, it should convey the messaging of the company in a clear and concise manner. The various sizes and forms that a company’s logo will be expected to take should also be taken into consideration by businesses. This includes website headers, products, and stationary.

The brand’s core identity comprises the associations that are most likely to remain stable over the course of time, and it is also representative of the essence of the brand. In the end, as a consequence of the core identity elements, the brand is made to be long-lasting, distinctive, and valuable.

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