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Conversion Rate Optimization
Conversion Rate Optimization Strategy

Conversion Rate Optimization Strategy to Achieve Growth

Marketers spend most of their time, money, and resources driving traffic to their websites. However: SEO and digital marketing begin by generating interest. Converting clicks and traffic into profits is difficult. Here comes CRO.

Conversion Rate Optimization Fundamentals Actionable and Measurable?

Decide what you want to achieve with your CRO website, understand your audience’s needs, and launch growth-driven conversion marketing campaigns. As you improve conversion rates, you must also examine CRO metrics that affect your optimization efforts and CRO SEO results. CRO companies use conversion optimization metrics to measure website performance and identify opportunities for conversion funnel optimization and conversion marketing. CRO metrics:

Bounce Rate

Percentage of website visitors who leave without any action. High bounce rate indicates CRO website issues. To increase website conversion rate, lowering bounce rate is crucial.


A user enters a website from a paid campaign, organic search result, or social media post. More visitors to your CRO website increases conversion rates.


This conversion optimization metric shows how many people clicked on your ads, organic listing, or search results. CTR measures keyword performance and CRO campaign relevance.


Pages Per Visit measures how many pages a visitor views on your website. Average page per visit shows site engagement and usefulness.


It shows how quickly your website responds. The first five seconds of page load time affect conversion rate the most. Optimize page load time and prioritize UX to increase conversion rate.

Payback (ROI)

Conversion optimization boosts growth and revenue. Your business's ROI allows you to assess the impact of your CRO marketing efforts on your bottom line.


Online users or site visitors who are interested in your brand's offerings are leads. Effective conversion rate marketing campaigns increase lead conversion and revenue.

Traffic Website

This marketing metric measures website visitors. By tracking website traffic, you can improve conversion optimization.

Exit Rate

Percentage of site visitors who leave from a page after visiting another. Set an acceptable page exit rate to improve conversion rate.

Pay-Per-Conversion (CPC)

This CRO metric shows the cost to acquire a new customer. Top CRO firms improve customer value, conversion rate, and CPC over time.

Trusted Conversion Rate Optimization Agency

Increase Website CR with A Trusted Conversion Rate Optimization Agency

Conversion rate is the most important KPI for business growth in the online marketplace. Conversion optimization maximizes your website’s effectiveness and converts more visitors into customers. If your website isn’t converting, you’re losing business.

Increasing a 1% marketing conversion rate to 3% triples your leads without adding a single visitor. That’s the magic of driven conversion rate marketing.

What’s up? Learn what CRO is and how to increase revenue with our CRO services.

Gigabit the Digital Marketing Agency is a Conversion Rate Optimization company that helps business owners understand conversion rate marketing’s role in online success. Our CRO agency will capture your target audience’s interest and move them through your CRO marketing sales funnel.

Create Winning Campaigns by Tracking Metrics

Digital marketers measure SEO and online marketing success using conversion rate and CTR. Conversion rate is different from CTR. Both metrics affect different sales funnel stages.

Our conversion rate experts compared conversion rate vs. click through rate to optimize your website and marketing efforts.

CR vs. CTR

Conversion Rate

Click Through Rate

Conversion rate is the proportion of site visitors who take a specific action. It affects your business’s sales and revenue.

Good CR indicate successful website CRO.

CTR is a micro-conversion that correlates with end goals like purchases or signups.

How does CTR affect conversion? A high click-through rate indicates success. More clicks usually equals more conversions.

How to Calculate

To determine a good conversion rate, you must calculate it. The conversion rate formula is:

[Total Goals (email signups, sales, etc.)/Total Website Visitors] 100*Conversion Rate

100 email subscriptions from 1,000 website interactions = 10% conversion rate.

[100/1,000] x 100 = 10%

How to Calculate

To answer what is a good CTR, you must first calculate it. Click through rate experts use this formula:

[Clicks/impressions] x 100 = CTR

Your CTR is 2.3% if 150,000 people saw your paid ads and 3,500 clicked to visit your website.

[3,500/150,000] x 100 = 2.3%

Good Conversion Rate?

Goals and niche affect the average landing page conversion rate. Online landing page conversion rate is 2.35 percent. The top 10% of companies convert at least 11.45%, and the top 25% convert at least 5.31%.

Your CRO efforts must generate a 10% conversion rate or higher to 3X to 5X the average landing page conversion rate.

Consult top CRO companies to determine your industry’s ideal conversion rate percentage.

Good Click Through Rate?

The average CTR varies by campaign, keyword, ad position, ad format, country, and niche market.

As of October 2020, the average Google Ads CTR across all industries is 3.17 percent on Search and 0.46 percent on Google Display Network (GDN). For eCommerce, Search has a 2.69 percent CTR and GDN 0.51 percent.

Experienced Conversion Rate Optimization companies can help you determine your niche’s ideal click-through rate and implement the necessary measures.

Ready to Get Started?

Still confused on how to increase conversion rate? What’s the standard CRO metric for your niche? Contact our CRO expert to discuss your CRO needs.

Bottom Line Online Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimization

You’ve attracted customers. Next? Convincing prospects to buy or take action isn’t easy.

68% of businesses don’t have a structured website conversion optimization strategy, research shows. Econsultancy’s annual Conversion Rate Optimization Report found brands spend $1 on CRO for every $92 spent on customer acquisition.

These numbers show a huge gap between what companies spend on driving traffic and converting it.

If you don’t optimize website conversions, you miss out on valuable data, website potential, and conversion rate.

CRO services let you:

Be Data-Driven

Interactive web design and traffic aren’t enough to boost monthly sales and ensure long-term profitability. For maximum success, you need a solid landing page optimization strategy.

Top CRO companies offer A/B testing, heat map analysis, and user behavior assessment to help you understand customer behavior and optimize website elements to increase MoM revenue without overspending.


Online success requires pleasing both users and search engines. 88% of online users are less likely to return to a website after a bad experience, reducing your conversion rate.

Conversion rate optimization services prioritize user experience. CRO testing identifies user pain points, potential site issues, and the happy medium between users and search engines.

Increase Marketing Conversions

Sales funnel conversion optimization involves identifying marketing opportunities, analyzing performing and non-performing metrics, and increasing website conversions. Not knowing how to increase conversion rate hurts.

With the right conversion optimization services, you get user behavior analytics tools and advanced CRO software. Using analytics reports, you can create a marketing strategy that grabs your audience’s attention and moves them down your sales funnel.

Outperform Competitors

Online traffic is meaningless if visitors leave quickly. High bounce rates mean you’re not converting visitors into leads and sales.

Conversion optimization from a results-driven CRO agency can boost your marketing ROI and differentiate your business. Strategic conversion funnel optimization boosts revenue with the same number of visitors. Conversion optimization works hand-in-hand with SEO to increase organic traffic, leads, and website conversions.

Increase Conversions and Revenue Over Time

Digital marketplace myths hinder industry leaders’ online growth. Inexperienced marketers often view sales funnel conversion optimization as an additional expense rather than a smart investment.

Many brands face multiple conversion funnel optimization challenges, including:

  • Value propositions (UVPs)
  • Marketing budgets
  • Using customer insights
  • Brand messaging
  • Changing online consumer demands
  • Prioritize conversion optimization
  • Following market trends
  • Changing marketing regulations

Our Conversion Rate Optimization agency will assess your sales funnel and user experience to weed out problem areas and eliminate friction to your conversion goals.

Contact our CRO Experts to learn how to lower bounce rate and increase conversion rate with white-hat landing page optimization.

Gigabit's CRO Is For Brand Value and Online Trust

Auditing CRO

Use heat maps, Google Analytics, and other CRO testing tools to see website interactions and determine if prospects are taking the desired actions. Our CRO consultant conducts in-depth audits and conversion marketing research, covering each stage of your sales funnel, including search query intent and landing page layout and content. These practices help us optimize calls-to-action and other site elements for conversion.


Data-driven conversion rate digital marketing is key to profitable marketing campaigns. Depending on your website's performance and online needs, our conversion optimization agency performs A/B split testing and multivariate testing. Our A/B testing services include testing different calls to action and landing pages.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free service that helps businesses understand their website engagement metrics and online performance. Our CRO consultant uses Google Analytics to track behavioral metrics (online traffic, bounce rate, page views, average session duration) and generate real-time, valuable reports. Google Analytics reports improve CRO SEO and conversion rate.

Heat Maps

Heat maps show user engagement, interests, and interactions on your CRO website. We use heat maps to identify site elements that are ignored or getting more attention than they should. Depending on the heat maps results, we change your call-to-action button, graphics, content, site layout, and other website elements to ensure page visitors aren't distracted by unimportant page elements.

Web Design & Development

Keeping form fields simple and minimal can increase conversions by 120%. Clearly, website design affects conversion rates. How your landing page is structured, where your CTA button is located, and where specific site elements are placed affect bounce rate and conversion rate. Our Conversion Rate Optimization consultant prioritizes landing page optimization to improve site functionality, accessibility, and usability.


Minimize attrition and fill your conversion funnel with SEO and conversion optimization. Our CRO consultant works with Gigabit digital marketing experts to generate qualified leads and convert customers. We split test your site's CTA button, page content, and keyword targeting, track user behavior analytics, and prioritize creating a positive website experience for better ROI and scalability.

Behavior Analysis

Personalized landing pages to meet your customers' marketing needs to boost conversions. We analyze user behavior, such as clicks, browsing, and purchases, to identify patterns and convert more new and returning visitors. We analyze the difference between converted and unconverted users per campaign to help with strategy and decision-making.

ADA-Compliant Website

ADA compliance is key to attracting more customers and ensuring equal website access. Gigabit is one of few CROs with ADA-compliant services. Our ADA compliance tool includes seizure-safe profiles, keyboard navigation, blind user support, and orientation adjustments to protect your brand from ADA lawsuits and ensure a quality website experience for all visitors. From your CTA to website content, we ensure ADA compliance.


Your content must persuade people to act. What if you don't know what a CTA is or how to write effective site content? Our conversion rate experts know many industries and areas of digital marketing. Our content specialists and online marketers can create data-driven content for the healthcare, pest control, and manufacturing industries. Our conversion optimization agency can optimize your calls to action, service pages, and other site content.

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Gigabit's CRO Is A Proven Methods Unlock Business Growth

Gigabit has 15 years of conversion rate digital marketing experience. Since 2005, our CRO has helped small businesses, local eCommerce stores, enterprises, and multi-location companies increase CLV and gain a competitive edge. GTS surpasses other CROs by:

Full-Service Web

We don't just diagnose conversion issues; we also implement growth-driven CRO tactics. Our CRO agency offers SEO, SMM, web hosting, email marketing, and more. Our digital marketing agency can help you with conversion optimization and any other online issues you may encounter.

Conversion-Optimization Services

Our conversion rate optimization solutions work, but no two businesses are alike. Our conversion optimization firm will listen. We value your input and try to solve your problems with all of our services. We also audit your site and traffic data for conversion marketing problems or solutions you may not have considered.


Many conversion optimizer tools run an automated CRO audit and look for red flags. Some are good. An automated CRO audit can't tell you if an image or heading sends the wrong message or other subtleties that turn off customers. Our partner agencies value these insights. Need help with website CTA placement? Join our free consultation to discuss your CRO questions.


Conversion rate marketing campaigns go beyond SEO and web design. Our conversion optimization agency builds a well-rounded digital marketing strategy to maximize website and social media use. We use CRO audit reports to boost brand awareness and click-through rates. Discover what our clients think of our account management and digital marketing services.


Gigabit is a leading CRO agency that provides conversion optimization and digital marketing services. We're a conversion-optimization agency that gets results. To ensure we're on the same page, we explain our conversion optimization processes. Need a call to action definition or conversion rate tips? Our CRO expert has you covered.

CRO Audits

High-converting companies use 50% more split testing solutions, according to Econsultancy. A/B split testing isn't a one-time marketing effort. Always-changing trends and user behavior. Website and landing page design must adapt to stay competitive. Our CRO agency performs scheduled A/B testing and a regular CRO audit to optimize your website pages and marketing materials. If you need a CRO report, let us know and we'll generate and analyze it.

Frequently Asked Questions

A CRO service is a consulting or agency service that helps businesses improve their conversion rate or the percentage of website visitors who take the desired action, such as making a purchase or filling out a form.

CRO services can vary, but they may include,

  • website analysis
  • A/B testing
  • Usability testing
  • Customer surveys
  • Data analysis to identify opportunities for improvement.

Any business that has a website and wants to improve the performance of that website can benefit from a CRO service. This could include eCommerce businesses, lead-generation websites, and more.

The cost of a CRO service can vary depending on the specific services offered, the business’s size, and other factors. It is best to contact a CRO service provider for a specific quote.

When choosing a CRO service provider, consider their experience, reputation, and case studies of their past work. It is also a good idea to ask for references and to get a sense of their process and approach to CRO.

The time it takes to see results from a CRO service can vary depending on the specific goals and challenges of the business. Some improvements may be seen relatively quickly, while others may take longer to implement and measure.

It is not realistic for a CRO service to guarantee specific results, as many factors can impact a website’s conversion rate. However, a reputable CRO service should be able to provide evidence of their past successes and a clear plan for how they will approach optimizing your website.

To measure the success of a CRO service, you should track key metrics such as conversion rate, revenue, and customer satisfaction. It is also important to continually gather data and test new ideas to ensure you get the best results from your website.

Yes, a CRO service can be used alongside other marketing efforts, such as search engine optimization (SEO) or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. In fact, combining CRO with other marketing efforts can often lead to even greater results.

A CRO service can be either a one-time effort or an ongoing service, depending on the needs and goals of the business. Some businesses may only need a one-time consultation, while others may benefit from ongoing support to optimize their website.

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