Define Rental Price

Charge for Party Rental

How much should you
charge for Party Rental?

What is your product?

How much does it cost?

How many times do you think it will rent per year? (there are 52 weekends in a year)

Annual Revenue

1st Year ROI

Charge this much to make your money back in 10 rentals


Charge this much to make your money back in 8 rentals


Tips to Help You Get More High End Bookings
Without Lowering Your Prices

  • 1. Advertize in places where people spend more money. (e.g. Google Ads not Facebook Marketplace.)
  • 2. Get more Google Reviews.
  • 3. Don't undercut the market just because you're new. Instead BRAG ABOUT YOUR BRAND NEW HIGH QUALITY STUFF!
  • 4. Instead of lowering your price to get more bookings, try setting it high and then offering a promo. (E.g. People would rather pay for something that's originally $300 discounted to $200 rather than paying for something that's originally priced at $200.)
  • 5. Price your rentals at $195 or $199 instead of $200.

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