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Search Engine Marketing

What is SEM and Why Should You Invest in It?

Compete with the Competition and Expand Your Business

Search engines are indispensable in today’s digital world, including digital marketing, healthcare, education, and eCommerce. Search engines help online users find news, blog posts, and brand offerings to make informed decisions. They also serve as a marketing platform for industry players to increase online reach and brand awareness.

Anyone with a website can use search engines to promote products and connect with stakeholders. You probably know about search engines from SEO, but you may not know their role in SEM.

Ready to begin SEM advertising? Our SEM agency explains how search engines can speed up your customers’ buying process. Improve your marketing with search engine advertising.

What is a Search Engine?

Search engines are software systems that perform online searches and return the best results based on the user’s query. As a business owner, you want search engines to find and rank your website highly (SERPs).
Search engines serve three purposes:


Search engines use web crawlers or spiders to scour the internet for new and updated content like web pages, videos, PDF files, and images. Search engine spiders fetch websites and follow links to find new URLs.


Search engines organize content based on keywords, data, recency, and user engagement. New URLs found during crawling are indexed in a massive database called Caffeine and retrieved when the content matches a user's search query.


Search engines rank web pages by relevance to give users the most useful results. Higher SERP rankings mean greater search visibility and query relevance.

Browsers default to many search engines. Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, DuckDuckGo, Yandex, Swisscows, CC Search, StartPage, Search Encrypt. Global search engine market share:

What Search Engine Marketing Is?

81% of consumers conduct online research before making a large purchase, spending an average of 79 days doing so. This means most online shoppers are serious.

Search engine advertising is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase revenue. SEM advertising lets you take advantage of consumers’ online behavior and position ads when they’re ready to buy.

SEM is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising strategy used to increase website visibility in SERPs and reach customers throughout the buying cycle. Our SEM experts bid on keywords to improve your ad performance, Quality Score, and landing page traffic and conversions. Quality Score measures the quality and relevance of paid search ads. Search engines will charge you less for ad clicks and conversions if you meet your prospects’ needs.

SEM Functions

Search engines rank SEM ads based on their relevance. Paid search engine marketing tools involves creating the right strategy, bidding on high-value keywords, and improving search advertising tactics based on analytics results to lower ad spending and improve profitability.

Our agency follows a systematic approach to search advertising.

Keyword Analysis

Our SEM company uses Google Search Console to identify high-performing search terms and eliminate negative keywords from your list.

Ads and Landing Page Creation

Our SEM experts create text-based ads for search results and link them to unique, optimized landing pages. Capture your audience’s initial search intent to move them down your sales funnel.

Account Setup/tracking

This phase is crucial for evaluating your SEO strategy. Our SEM firm checks if the search engine supports conversion tracking. If so, we double-check your landing page codes.

Launching and Monitoring Campaigns

You’re almost ready to launch your PPC campaign with optimized ads, well-designed landing pages, and a solid SEO strategy. Our SEM agency manages your campaign settings, such as locations, languages, networks, and devices. We monitor ad performance after launch.


Measuring SEM success requires comparing campaign results to PPC goals. We track and evaluate CTR, Quality Score, search impression share, and cost per conversion. The analytics results help us optimize paid SEM campaigns for higher conversions.

Now that you know what SEM is and how it works, decide if PPC is worth your money. Let our SEM company explain the benefits of starting SEM early.

Is PPC Essential to My Business?

Yes. Paid search marketing should be part of your digital marketing strategy whether you own a brick-and-mortar store, eCommerce business, or large enterprise. Search engine marketing experts say it takes 7-13 brand interactions before a prospect converts. Google search advertising increases brand awareness cost-effectively.

SEM digital marketing boosts search engine visibility. Search engine marketing connects your company to a highly targeted audience. More PPC SEO benefits:


Internet search engine marketing lets you choose and bid on relevant keywords. Google SEM lets you include your brand in the headline, display URL, description, and extension link. These tactics boost brand awareness and bring fast visibility to your products and services.

Conversion Increase

Google SEM ads provide fast ROI and near-immediate results (ROI). With SEO, you can generate same-day sales and conversions. To ensure year-over-year growth, you must constantly update and advertise on Google.

Target Specific

More than 30 billion Google searches are conducted every month, and 99.9% do not apply to your audience targeting approach. With SEM PPC, you can use geo-targeting, ad scheduling, and device targeting to boost ad performance and ensure your Google SEM campaign is seen.

Controlled Campaign

SEM digital marketing simplifies ad budget, campaign scope, and brand messaging. Google search advertising gives you control over CTAs, ad schedule, audience targeting, and other Google SEM ad aspects, unlike SEO.

Growth Measured

Search engine marketing lets you test and measure ad performance. With in-depth analytics and campaign data, you can determine which ads have the highest CTR, clicks, impressions, and other metrics for your company.

Organic traffic improvement

93% of online experiences start with a search engine, according to research. Higher search visibility puts your brand where your customers are. By understanding SEM and how to use it, you can drive high-quality search engine traffic to your website.

Start PPC Today! Contact Our SEM Firm to Discuss Seo Services.

What are SEO, PPC, and SEM?

Digital marketing acronyms SEO, SEM, and PPC are often confused. Our agency explains the difference between these terms to help you navigate online marketing.

  • SEO improves your website’s structure and content to appear on SERPs, attract high-converting traffic, and boost organic search ranking. On-page and off-page optimization.
  • Pay-per-click advertising promotes brand offerings on search engines, websites, and social media. Paid search ads charge per click.
  • SEM includes SEO and PPC. It’s associated with paid search, though. In SEM, you pay to boost your website’s search rankings.

PPC and SEM are paid models, unlike SEO. Pay-per-click marketing increases brand awareness and attracts specific customer segments through paid search tactics. Internet search engine marketing combines SEO and PPC best practices for optimal results.

Our SEO company creates a growth marketing plan to help you create a winning SEM PPC campaign. We determine how your target customers search at different points in their purchase journeys to implement the most appropriate SEM ads.

Let’s look at the different options you can use. Contact our SEM agency to improve your SEO campaign.

Best Pitch Deck Design Service

SEM PPC Advertising for Highly Targeted Leads

Digital landscape is changing. Search engines and customers demand a more targeted approach to brand relevance. Gigabit Digital Marketing Agency evaluates a variety of SEO strategies to boost your search visibility.

There are many PPC search engine marketing strategies you can use.

Display Advertisement

Display advertising aims to convince online users to take a specific action, such as signing up for a newsletter or a free software trial. Display ads are texts, images, or videos on a website or social media platform. Display ads encourage visitors to click to a landing page and take action.

Display advertising is CPC-based. You pay per ad click. Depending on your goal, there are different types of display ads.


These are image-based ads that direct page visitors to the advertiser's site. Pay per impression, click, or action with display advertising. Our display advertising agency combines static and animated media to entice clicks.


These are full-screen, interactive ads that appear before the requested page. Interstitial ads have a high impression rate because they provide relevant content during platform pauses. At Gigabit, our SEM experts embed ads to generate more clicks.


YouTube and social media advertising platforms let marketers immerse their brands in a user's browsing experience. Ads play before, during, and after videos. Our display advertising agency creates video ads with strong CTAs to grab prospects' attention.


Our display advertising drives brand engagement within your deadline. Rich media ads add creativity to boring ads to boost engagement. Invest in results-driven display advertising to attract more customers. Our display advertising agency works with your team to determine the best services to use.

Google Shopping Advertisement

Google Shopping helps eCommerce businesses generate sales and revenue. Product Listing Ads (PLA) are Google Shopping ads that appear in product search results. These ads are effective because they list prices and high-quality images of products from different brands.

Google Shopping ads can boost sales for both offline and online businesses. Product ads at the top of SERPs attract more qualified buyers.

Our SEM experts segment your ads by intent to maximize your Google Shopping campaign. Branded and non-branded searches have separate campaigns. So, we know which ads deliver the most conversions at the lowest cost.
As a reputable SEM firm, we:

Let our SEM services maximize your Google Shopping ad budget. Call our SEM agency for details.

Google Shopping Advertisement


Few understand how remarketing works in search engine marketing. How can you use remarketing? Our remarketing agency helps you understand AdWord remarketing.

What is Remarketing

Remarketing is a form of search engine marketing in which you contact prospects who have shown interest in your brand or visited your website. Google remarketing aims to keep your brand in prospects' minds and encourage clicks.
Google remarketing ads appear when users browse the web, read news, or watch YouTube. Whether or not website visitors took an action, they would see your AdWord remarketing campaigns online.
If you already advertise on Google, our remarketing company places an AdWord remarketing tag on your website to add visitors to your audience list via browser cookies. You can also customize how Google remarketing ads are triggered and where the codes are embedded. This gives you more audience targeting control.

Why Remarket?

AdWord remarketing benefits your business. Google remarketing services boost brand recall and expose your ads on many websites. Our remarketing company offers:
● Enhance online and offline sales
● Boost conversions
● Target customers
● Cost-per-action reduction (CPA)
Gigabit Digital Marketing Agency's remarketing services turn visitors into customers. As your dedicated remarketing agency, we'll show you how to capture visitors' interest with dynamic remarketing ads.
Consult our remarketing company about our services.

YouTube Ads

Are you on YouTube? Nearly 2 billion people use YouTube. YouTube is second-most visited after Google. You should invest in YouTube video ads if you haven’t already.

YouTube advertising is a PPC search engine marketing method that focuses on creating engaging YouTube video ads. YouTube video ads can boost your marketing efforts.

TrueView Advertisements

Standard YouTube video ad. TrueView ads only charge when viewers watch or interact with them. TrueView ads last 12 to 6 minutes. Non-skippable YouTube ads are 15-20 seconds.

TrueView YouTube ads can boost your marketing campaign. Video Discovery Ads appear on YouTube’s search results page, homepage, and video watch pages. In-Stream Ads appear before a YouTube video plays. In-stream ads can be placed on Google Display Network (GDN) or websites that bought Google video ad space.

Pre-roll ads

Before, during, and after the main video, YouTube ads play. With YouTube video marketing, you have 15-20 seconds to show your value. There’s also a 10-minute non-skippable YouTube pre-roll ad. Pre-roll YouTube video advertising is recommended if you’re launching a new product or promoting a webinar or course enrollment.


Bumpers are six-second YouTube video ads. This YouTube advertising method complements larger video campaigns like product launches or event promotion. Use six seconds wisely to fit your brand messaging and encourage viewers to act.

Gigabit’s YouTube video marketing services maximize pay-per-view and return. Our YouTube marketing company works closely with your team to understand your goals, set YouTube advertising metrics, and meet your standards.

Our YouTube marketing agency improves ad performance. Increase your VTR with our YouTube marketing services.

Are SEM and SEO Necessary

Are SEM and SEO Necessary?

Business owners wonder whether to invest in SEO or SEM. If you’re one of these people, our search marketing firm can help.

First, it’s not a matter of which technique is better, but which fits your situation and budget. Organic and paid search marketing can boost your business’s rankings. Choosing the right search marketing company and maximizing your options are key.

SEO is a long-term business growth strategy. Every business needs SEO for searchability and visibility. 

Benefits of Search Engine Marketing:

  • Promote brand
  • Organic traffic growth
  • Credibility-boost online
  • Online credibility
  • Market intelligence
  • Improve online user experience

SEM is ideal for brands that want instant results. SEM uses paid advertising to boost SEO and SERP visibility.

You can:

  • Advertise geo-specifically
  • Pay-per-action
  • Ad split testing improves conversion.
  • Keyword strategy experimentation
  • Protect ATF search results
  • Ad tracking

SEO and SEM work best together to achieve results. We recommend using organic and paid search marketing to grow your campaign.

Not sure where to start advertising? Our SEO consultants can help. Learn how to use SEO and SEM from our paid search agency.

Award-Winning Search Agency Since 2016

Gigabit Digital Marketing Agency is based in 1309 Coffeen Ave STE 1200, Sheridan, WY Since 2016, we’ve helped hundreds of clients from various industries increase brand awareness and land on the first page of search results.

Our SEM agency has helped local businesses and industry giants expand their markets. Our paid search agency helped these three companies achieve fast ROI.

YouTube, Google Shopping, or remarketing help? Our SEM firm can help you compete in the digital arena. Contact one of our SEM consultants to discuss your SEM services.

Award Winning Search Agency

Search Engine Marketing Types

Gigabit Digital Marketing Agency is based at 1309 Coffeen Ave STE 1200, Sheridan, WY. Since 2016, we’ve helped hundreds of clients from various industries increase brand awareness and land on the first page of search results.

Our SEM agency has helped local businesses and industry giants expand their markets. Our paid search agency helped these three companies achieve fast ROI.

Keyword Strategies

Improve your SEO with the right keywords. Our paid search agency sorts keywords by search intent, value, volume, and brand specificity. We also benchmark competitors to expand your keyword list and identify keyword themes that support click behavior.


Amazon sponsored ads provide maximum exposure. Our SEO consultants optimize Amazon PPC keyword strategies, adjust bids for ad placements, and structure ad campaigns based on product performance. We monitor your advertising cost of sale (ACoS), ad performance, and sales to develop Amazon PPC strategies that bring in new buyers and boost sales.

Video Advertising

72% of consumers prefer video to text when learning about a product or service. Increase brand awareness, engagement, and conversions with our YouTube marketing services. Our YouTube video marketing company optimizes ads for mobile devices with keyword-rich titles, descriptions, and tags.

eCommerce Advertising

Partner with our search marketing agency to create a budget-friendly eCommerce advertising strategy. Our search marketers determine your value proposition, profit potential, and demand curve. Using data and analytics, we create compelling ad copies and maximize targeting options to boost sales.

Paid social media

Target high-intent buyers on social media. We provide integrated social media paid advertising and YouTube video marketing to boost brand exposure and attract more prospects. Text, image, and video ads are launched and tracked using social media analytics.

Conversion Rate

Gigabit’s SEM consultants convert website traffic into qualified leads. Our SEO experts create keyword-driven content for your target personas, use strong headlines and CTAs, and place unique images. We position landing page elements to create an emotional connection with visitors and increase conversions.

Paid Advertising

When presented with relevant, engaging content, 41% of consumers will click on an ad. Get immediate results with affordable paid search advertising and YouTube marketing. To improve your Quality Score and ad rank, we perform keyword research, create ad group segments based on search intent, determine negative keywords, write persuasive ad copies, and track paid search visitors.

Split-testing ads

Our search marketing company creates and tests multiple versions of your ads to find the best ROI. We’ll test your ad copy, variant designs, CTA, and audience targeting. Let’s discuss your campaign implementation and optimization with one of our SEM consultants.


GTS aims to reduce your campaign costs and boost its efficiency. Our search marketing experts manage your paid advertising campaigns, from keyword research to ad optimization and analytics. We focus on your bottom line when managing PPC.

Bing/Google Ads Management

Bing and Google Ads management will help you dominate the competition. We use a multi-channel approach to increase brand awareness and online conversions. Our search marketing agency analyzes your customers’ online behavior, expands device targeting, and adjusts bid strategies based on campaign performance to increase ad position and CTRs.


We launch remarketing campaigns to create cost-effective brand reminders. Our remarketing agency sets up remarketing codes, targets specific visitor segments, and creates relevant ad copies to attract high-value prospects. Our YouTube marketing company can help with text-based and video ads.


Gigabit’s  SEO will boost your rankings. We optimize your site structure, write unique, engaging content, and use multiple online platforms to build your brand and online authority. Our search marketing company uses SEO and PPC best practices to promote your brand.

We Execute Growth Strategies for Sustainable Success

Gigabit, Digital Marketing Agency is a PPC pioneer. Our YouTube marketing agency develops internal processes to ensure successful client campaigns and support services.
We offer customized SEO services. GTS offers:

SEO Professionals

SEO is time-consuming but rewarding. Your SEM campaign will fail without expertise. Gigabit's technical expertise ensures your ongoing and remarketing campaigns are on track. Our SEM experts evaluate your website to create paid and organic strategies based on your needs and budget.

Expertise Variety

Our YouTube video marketing company has helped many companies with SEM campaigns. From funeral homes and law firms to manufacturing companies and eLearning institutions, we understand each industry to provide effective SEO solutions. Choose Gigabit for online marketing help.

Account Executives

Without the right team, project management can be stressful. Our YouTube video marketing company has proactive account managers. From inception to completion, we work closely with your team. Our SEM experts schedule regular consultations with you and address your concerns.

Online Full-Service

SEO is just one of many digital marketing tactics needed for long-term success. Our YouTube marketing agency offers comprehensive digital services to boost conversions. We also offer SEO, SMM, web hosting, eCommerce optimization, and reputation management. Let's meet to discuss your company's best strategies.

Digital Advertising Trailblazer

Gigabit the Digital Marketing Agency is a digital advertising trailblazer, according to industry review sites. As a Google Premier Partner, we improve our organic and paid search marketing to promote your brand online. We'll exceed industry standards to protect your online presence.

Campaign-wide Reports

Our YouTube marketing company invests in new reporting software. We include everything in your monthly reports, from the smallest updates and campaign hurdles to the biggest wins. We show how we achieved month-over-month growth to keep you informed about your campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a type of digital marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) through paid advertising. SEM includes activities such as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, cost-per-impression (CPI) advertising, and cost-per-click (CPC) advertising. SEM utilizes paid search ads, bids on keywords, and targets specific audiences to drive traffic to a website and increase conversions.

Some of the services that Gigabit might offer as part of an SEM campaign include:

  • Pay-per-click: PPC advertising involves placing ads on search engine results pages or other websites and paying a fee each time someone clicks on the ad.
  • Keyword research and analysis: Gigabit may help you identify the most effective keywords to target in your SEM campaigns and track the performance of those keywords over time.
  • Ad copywriting and optimization: Gigabit may help you create compelling ad copy that will attract clicks and conversions and optimize your ads for maximum performance.
  • Landing page optimization: Gigabit may help you design and optimize landing pages on your website specifically designed to convert visitors into leads or customers.
  • Campaign tracking and analysis: Gigabit may use tools like Google Analytics to track the performance of your SEM campaigns and provide insights and recommendations for improvement.

Overall, Gigabit’s SEM services are designed to help you attract more qualified traffic to your website and convert that traffic into leads and customers.

It is difficult to say exactly how Gigabit selects keywords for SEM campaigns without specific information. However, Gigabit likely follows a process that includes considering the target audience, using keyword research tools, considering the intent behind the search, using long-tail keywords, and considering the context of the website. We may also use negative keywords to refine targeting and improve the website’s traffic quality.

The cost of SEM services can vary widely based on a number of factors, including the complexity of the campaign, the industry and competition level, the target audience, and the budget for the campaign.

It is rare for companies to offer guarantees for the success of a search engine marketing (SEM) campaign, as the success of an SEM campaign can depend on various factors that are outside the control of the company managing the campaign. These factors can include the relevance and quality of the website being promoted, the competitiveness of the keywords being targeted, and the overall effectiveness of the ad copy and targeting.

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