Professional eCommerce Web Development Services

By utilizing a blend of customer experience formation, user-centric solutions, and exactly understood tools, we assist eCommerce businesses in increasing their base of customers and generating more revenue.

Professional eCommerce Web Development Services

Custom eCommerce Development Services

That meet the needs of a wide range of businesses

Our company helps businesses in the retail, distribution, manufacturing, and wholesale sectors by leveraging our knowledge of information technology and eCommerce web development services to boost customer retention, revenue, and exposure. We work hard to ensure the technical soundness and aesthetic appeal of our eCommerce web development solutions, both of which will help your business stand out in the crowded eCommerce market.

Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) Markets

In order to facilitate spontaneous cooperation between vendors and buyers, we build marketplaces that support multiple languages and currencies. With our eCommerce web development services, businesses can showcase and organize their products and services in the best possible light, while consumers gain instantaneous access to the largest aggregation of relevant offerings in a single location.

Shops That Are Available On The Internet

To give your customers in my area and elsewhere an optimal shopping experience, regardless of the device they're using, we offer responsive online shops, coupons, and drop-shipping portals. We are an eCommerce development services firm that oversees online store projects of varying sizes and scopes across many different markets, including retail (consumer and capital), wholesale (food and media), and government (business and public).

Auction Sites & Online Bidding Sites

Our company provides eCommerce web development & design services, and one way we facilitate more trade for online retailers is through online auctions and bidding portals. Websites that have this functionality implemented can host multiple types of auctions, configure bid items, stream voice and video during live auctions and bidding sessions, and offer multiple payment methods to buyers.

Commercial Web Sites for B2B Transactions

We create robust B2B portals with the goal of connecting all trading entities, such as distributors, retailers, and manufacturers, as well as their affiliates, in one place. To help businesses with things like forming strategic alliances, creating compelling public offerings, and working together with other businesses on a global scale, we provide outsourced eCommerce development services.

Services For Reservations and Ticketing

We offer comprehensive ecommerce web development services, including the creation of advanced websites that streamline and simplify booking and ticketing processes for customers all over the world, not just in the United States. We focus on ensuring that your financial data is safe, that your solutions can handle heavy traffic, and that they communicate with other services in an intuitive way.

Shopping Aggregators on The Web

Our development services are available if you need a system that will enable you to combine the services of several providers into a single interface. Our eCommerce aggregator platforms make it easy to host and manage multiple brands, allowing for the cross-promotion of goods and services.

Fundamental Elements of Your
eCommerce Based Company

Gigabit equips eCommerce enterprises with robust custom systems and eCommerce modules, improving their day-to-day operations. We provide you with unwavering command over your online business operations through integrated eCommerce web development services.

Handling Logistical Details

Transport logistics, container management, fuel distribution, vehicle inspections, trip and fuel planning, tracking systems.

Managing a Warehouse

The management of stock keeping units, the supervision of warehouse workers, the supervision of the yard and dock, and the optimization of warehouse space.

Processing Orders and Deliveries

Lot control, barcoding, ordering, picking, packing, and shipping as well as inventory forecasting and replenishment are all a part of inventory and shipment administration.

Software For Managing and Analyzing Online Stores

The ERP System for Online Stores' eCommerce processes, supply chain management, pricing, project management, and HR administration is particularly complex.

Managing Product Data

The term "Product Information Management" (PIM) refers to the process of organizing, cataloging, comparing, and tracking information about products.

Possible Methods of Payment and Related Tools

Gateways and portals for financial transactions, point-of-sale (POS) systems, electronic wallets, and PCI compliance and security.

Controlling The Flow of Sales and Marketing

Services include customer relationship management (CRM) system administration, call center management, multi-channel marketing campaign administration, customer analytics, and reporting.

Costing and Accounting For Businesses

Invoicing, costs, estimates, assets, taxes, payrolls, bank transactions, and financial reports all fall under the purview of corporate accounting and billing.

Document Management System for eCommerce

Server-based and cloud-based DMS, sophisticated cross-system document workflows, real-time coauthoring and sharing across all devices.

Superior Support to Help Your eCommerce Business Expand

Helping Businesses Succeed in Online Marketplaces

In order to help businesses improve their eCommerce outcomes on a consistent basis, we provide a range of advisory and technical services in addition to eCommerce development. We assist our clients in developing an eCommerce roadmap for the future, which is underpinned by the most suitable technologies.

  • Constructing an Internet-based business plan
  • Assessing the viability of current and potential eCommerce solutions for business use.
  • Measuring the success of your eCommerce solutions from a usability and administrative perspective
  • Choosing the right eCommerce tools to expand into new markets and reach more customers.
  • Investigating the technological state of eCommerce offerings both external to customers and internal to the company

Performing an Evaluation of Online Stores

Our development team will conduct a full analysis of your eCommerce ecosystem to help you better align your stated needs and goals with your actual eCommerce results. To help you find and fix any inconsistencies in your eCommerce solutions, we’ve loaded up our audit services toolkit with tech-centric activities.

  • Digging into the framework and design of the fix
  • Examining the effectiveness of the user interface by observing typical user flows
  • Evaluating the safety of online transactions by testing login procedures, data encryption, and payment gateways
  • Assessing the Quality of Search and Filtering
  • Validating the solution’s functionality and reliability

Improve Your Online Store’s Performance

Our eCommerce experts will conduct an audit of your current eCommerce setup, and then provide you with actionable recommendations and expert guidance to help you make any necessary tweaks. We make changes to your solutions and websites that both improve their efficiency and make them simpler to manage and support.

  • Creating a procedure to retrieve abandoned shopping carts
  • Adjusting sophisticated search and filtering options to make it easier to find products and services
  • Putting in place features to encourage purchases and boost customer trust
  • Including more ways to engage with customers and have fun
  • The process of reworking an existing product or service in order to boost user participation

Ready to get started?

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Sales Interactions Based on Data From Customers

We aim to provide not only the standard fare of eCommerce services but also to help our clients stay ahead of the curve by combining eCommerce with cutting-edge technological solutions.



Your customers will find more value in shopping with their mobile devices, whether they do so in-store or online. Whether you’re just getting started with mobile commerce or want to improve upon an existing solution, Gigabit is here to help.

  • In-store mobile commerce
  • In-App Purchases and Ordering
  • Apps that use your device’s location services to guide you through the store and keep track of your items in real-time
  • eCommerce for social networks to create a uniform shopping environment
  • Applications for delivering packages

Robot-Driven Support For The Customer Service Industry

With the help of artificial intelligence and eCommerce app development, we increase your products’ visibility across all sales channels. We’re working to reduce the relevance of keywords in searches so that your customers can find the best path to purchase.

  • Chatbots and smart storefront assistants
  • Powerful indexing and suggestions systems
  • On-line shops and exhibition halls
  • Plasma screens, touch-screens, and kiosks
  • Using AI to improve supply chain management and focus on the customer
Robot-Driven Support
eCom Driven by IOT

eCom Driven by IOT

We can help you set up your own private network of connected devices to improve your eCommerce program in any setting, from a physical storefront to an online marketplace to a warehouse. We combine our understanding of eCommerce development best practices with the rules of the Internet of Things to take your e-commerce solutions to your customers.

  • Smart devices that facilitate instantaneous purchases (smart home, smart fridge)
  • Developing specialized wearable eCommerce software.
  • Internet-of-things payment processors
  • Proximity marketing using sensors and beacons
  • Managing stock and warehouse space with the Internet of Things

Analytics in eCommerce

To ensure that quality data drives your eCommerce growth, we provide you with analytical solutions and tools tailored to the realities of online retail. We show you how to harness the power of big data to improve your website’s ability to turn browsers into buyers and encourage existing customers to spend more frequently.

  • The use of collected data to create detailed profiles of your ideal customers.
  • Use of sales analytics for demand forecasting, optimal pricing, and identifying sales peaks and troughs
  • Customer feedback gleaned from sentiment analysis
  • Use analytics for foresight into your customers’ future actions
  • In-depth analytics to help you adjust your products and services so that they better meet the needs of your target audience
Analytics in eCommerce

Why We Are Best eCommerce Development Services Provider

Maintaining Manageable Expansion in Your eCommerce Solutions

When it comes to growing your online store, our team of developers will create systems that can adapt to your needs. We make sure your solution is scalable and can grow in both directions (vertically and laterally), from the time we start designing its architecture until we finish implementing its functional core.

Top-Notch Safeguarding

Our eCommerce security consulting services will help you adjust your data governance and security measures so that they comply with PCI DSS and GDPR regulations. To further guarantee that your eCommerce solution is impenetrable to cyber criminals, we conduct security testing in accordance with OWASP methodologies.

Solid Results

We'll stick around to make sure your solution is always up-to-date and running smoothly. We conduct periodic or ad hoc performance reviews to identify and resolve performance bottlenecks in your eCommerce solution.

Effortless Implementation and Administration

We provide thorough project documentation and guidelines to facilitate the smooth implementation and ongoing management of eCommerce solutions despite their inherent complexity. As a means of easing the burden of using our systems, we provide training for both end users and IT staff.

Our Latest Projects

We’ve created functional, aesthetic, and engaging websites that not only tell your story beautifully but are also very easy to use & customize.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Gigabit supports a wide range of eCommerce platforms, including popular options like Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce.

The cost of Gigabit’s eCommerce web development service will depend on your project’s specific needs and requirements. We offer competitive pricing and can provide a quote after discussing your project in detail.

Yes, Gigabit offers design and branding services as part of our eCommerce web development package. Our team can help you create a visually appealing and cohesive brand identity for your online store.

Yes, Gigabit offers ongoing support and maintenance for all the eCommerce sites we develop. This includes regular updates, backups, and security measures to ensure your site is always running smoothly and safely.

Gigabit has experience integrating eCommerce sites with various systems and platforms, including payment gateways, shipping carriers, and marketing tools. Our team can help you seamlessly integrate your eCommerce site with the tools and systems you need to run your business.

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