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If you are looking to outsource layout or cover design, you want someone who understands the importance of layouts and how they affect readers. Visual publications like magazines, brochures, newsletters, and catalogs do not rely only on text articles. They also rely on images, layout cues, and other elements that help guide readers. Gigabit, an outsourcing company, provides comprehensive magazine layout design services for both online and offline publications.

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Serve Your Variable Customer Needs

Serve Your Variable Customer Needs

Each magazine template and service is tailored to meet the needs of every client. Before we start work, our team will thoroughly discuss your project. We will create benchmarks to match your vision and make sure that your magazine is designed according to your specifications.

We provide prepress services as well as magazine layout for publishers around the globe and have formed partnerships with some of the most respected:

Outsource Different Kinds of Projects

Our team makes sure that each project is completed according to the Service Level Agreement.

Outsource Different Kinds of Projects

Our Working Proces

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The key elements of Publications Design Services​

The key elements of
Publications Design Services

GTS creative team combines technical knowledge with creativity to create the best graphics. These key elements, when combined in Publications Designs, can create enhanced appeal.

Headline – The headline is a crucial consideration for most Magazine Design companies. The headline must be compelling, memorable, and relevant enough to encourage readers to continue reading.

Sub-Headline – Subheadings promote a better reading experience. They divide the text into sections, which allows readers to have a better understanding of what’s coming up next. To separate the highlighted text from the rest, we create precise and crisp highlights.

Illustration – We provide illustrations and designs that are appropriate for your magazine’s content and colors.

Content – We offer magazine layout design services that are suitable for content-based ideas. We’ll ensure that the text matches the graphics.

Grids – We have artistically arranged the page layout in a symmetrical way to match the overall look of the Magazine Design.

White Space – Our designers will review your while space allocation and create white space, while also filling it with the required material.

Typography – We will provide fonts and preset fonts to match your layout.

Photo Enhancement – Our photo retouching services will enhance your photos and give them a more appealing look.

Our Latest Projects

We’ve created functional, aesthetic, and engaging websites that not only tell your story beautifully but are also very easy to use & customize.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Gigabit offers design services for a wide range of publication types, including books, magazines, newsletters, and reports.

Gigabit offers both design from scratch and redesign services. If you already have an existing publication, our team can work with you to update and refresh the design to give it a new look and feel.

The cost of our publication design services will depend on the specific needs of your project. We offer a variety of design packages to choose from, and our team will work with you to determine the best option for your budget and design goals.

While Gigabit primarily focuses on design services, we do have a team of experienced copywriters and content creators who can assist with the development of your publication’s content. Please let us know if you are interested in these additional services and we will be happy to discuss your needs in more detail.

The timeline for our publication design process will depend on the complexity and scope of your project. Once we have a better understanding of your specific needs, we can provide you with a more accurate timeline. In general, our team works efficiently to ensure that your project is completed on time and to your satisfaction.

What Our Clients Say

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