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Get The Most Efficient Google Ad Grants Management Service To Raise Awareness, Attract Donors, and Recruit New Volunteers

At Gigabit, we ensure startups and nonprofits avail optimum services of the Google Grants Management process and direct traffic to your websites.

Google ad grants management
Story of google ad grants management

Story of Google Grant Management

Google, the leading web giant of the world, provides ad grants for nonprofits and SMEs, who meet their application requirements. The tech giant offers a monthly sum of up to $10,000 in search advertising to nonprofits via an Ad Grants program that allows firms and businesses with limited budgets to run ad campaigns smoothly. Since 2003, Google Inc. has funded over $10 billion in free search advertising to more than 115,000 nonprofit organizations, located in 51 countries worldwide.

Some other types of grants Google avails for nonprofits are:

Benefits of Google Ad Grant for Nonprofits

As a nonprofit startup or SME, you can enjoy the following benefits with Google Ads Grant Service

Google Ad Grants take your brand message and campaigns to people interested in collaborating with nonprofits or emerging startups like your organization.

Your expenditure on ads campaigns and digital marketing gets a boost, despite the limited budget.

Nonprofits enjoy funding up to $10,000/- per month in search advertising

You get to raise the awareness and the online reach of your organization

Grant opportunities and funding opportunities skyrocket with more competent donors and investors reaching out to you

You recruit new volunteers, via search ads, interested in expanding your brand and message across multiple arenas and borders

Limitations of Nonprofit Google Ad Grants Management

Google ad grants management process goes through various steps and actions like application process, grant management software, ads grant certified professional (firm/individual) Google Ads account, and ad campaigning matters that can be very time-consuming.

Other limitations and complexities may exist that could hamper the daily operations of an SME or nonprofit organization; unless, they avail expert, external assistance.

Limitations of Nonprofit Google Ad Grants Management

The Gigabit Intervention for Google Grant Management

Gigabit, as a Google Ads Grant Professional agency, assists nonprofits to apply for funds through the Nonprofit grant management program and mitigate the difficulties of Google ad grants management.

Our Google Ad Grant Management Process

Our highly skilled nonprofit Google Ad Grants Management team closely works with your nonprofit SME organization or its representatives to manage the whole process of your Google Ad Grants account management: from account application to continuous reporting as after-sales service. 

Step 1: Ensuring Your Eligibility

Before applying for the process, make sure your firm or business does not fall under the following categories:

  • A government or government-related firm/entity
  • A hospital or healthcare service provider
  • An academic institute (school, college, or university)

After you make sure you do not fall into the categories mentioned above, we list down the significant points that determine your eligibility criteria and check which criteria you meet or fail, and take steps accordingly.

Step 2: Grants Application

We help you out by managing the application process, starting from opening a Google for Nonprofits account and verifying it via TechSoup. After getting verified by Google, your nonprofit account is ready for the Ads grant account.

Step 3: Google Ad Grants in Action

Once we ensure the compliance and verification of your google Ad Grants account management policy, we start making ad campaigns to enrich your services and focus areas. We set keywords for each campaign, compile ad copies that meet search engine optimization requirements and ensure your campaign goals are met with various digital marketing strategies that fit your goals.

Step 4: Rolling Out Ads

After strategizing and setting the optimum tactics and digital touchpoints, we run the ads as per budget and schedule.

Step 5: Follow-up and Optimizing

Once your ads are live and running, we continuously check the ongoing performance of your ads in search engines and digital platforms and optimize the ads for the best results. We also provide you with insights and reports of your ads’ performance on the web.

Success Stories

Benefits of Google Ad Grants Management

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Google nonprofits work Space
  • Google ads Grants
  • YouTube Nonprofits program
  • Google Earth and Maps

As per Google Ad Grants Program, you need to fulfill the following regulations or criteria:

  • A secure website, including a new grant account.
  • Click Through Rate (CTR) of 5% or more
  • No link to pages linked to other websites themselves
  • No commercial advertising or affiliate advertising links
  • Link ads directed to one website domain only
  • No Google AdSense ads on the website
  • The programs and services are represented by the ads and links on the website
  • A quality website that passes the Google quality filter

With the Nonprofits request, nonprofit organizations need to register with TechSoup. If the firm is not registered, we will do it for them. If they are already registered, they need to show us the token for further progress.

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